See Pack & Track in Action

4 steps to smarter storage

Label the Box

Write a descriptive name on your Duck Pack & Track™ label about the contents of the box. Then place your label on the related box.

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Scan the Label

Open the Duck Pack & Track app on your smartphone and use the “Scan” button — this will open your smartphone camera and allow you to scan the barcode of the label on your box. Use the same name for your box in the app that you wrote on the actual label.

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Speak or Type the Contents

Add items to your box by speaking or typing in the app. Use the word “and” to add more than 1 item at once. Be as descriptive as you can with the items you list in your box to make it easier when you search the app for your items later.

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Find the item

Now, locate an item in your stored boxes through the Duck Pack & Track app. Scan the label of the box to pull up a list of the contents. Or, speak/type the item you are looking for, and Duck Pack & Track will tell you the box it’s in. It’s that easy!

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