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I just downloaded the app, where do I start?
Duck Pack & Track™ works with labels that you attach to containers to keep track of their contents. In order to start organizing and packing your belongings you will need a set of labels that can be purchased at select retailers nationwide, or online.
I have the labels and downloaded the app, what now?
Apply the label to boxes you want to keep track of, scan the label with the Duck Pack & Track app, and write in an identifier on the side of the label (like “Kitchen Box 1”). Now you can use your voice to describe what's in the box, adding multiple items by saying “and” in between them ( "pots and pans" ), as well as take photos. Of course, simply typing is an option too. Visit the “How it Works” section for more details.
I have labeled my boxes and recorded their contents, what’s next?
After you have a digital inventory of all your items, you can use the Duck Pack & Track app to locate your items. Just ask the app where specific items are ( Find->"Bath Robe" ) and the app will tell you the box it's in! Forgot what's in a box that has been taped up for storage or for a move? Just scan the label with your phone to get a list of all contents in the box. Check out this how-to video.
If I lose my phone, will I lose my boxes list?
Not at all. You can back up your data to the cloud by using your email address from within the app. Visit the Settings section of the app and follow the on-screen instructions.
I have a new phone, how do I get my account back?
Download the app and then go to the settings page. Follow the on-screen instructions to recover your account. But, don’t forget that you’ll need to have a previously linked account.
I’ve forgotten my password, how do I change it?
Go to the Settings page, Link Account and enter your email address. Then, an email detailing how to reset your password will be sent to your email address.
I want to edit my boxes list on the web, is this possible?
Absolutely. You can login at to add or edit items.
I need to print out my boxes list, is this possible?
Sure thing. Just login at to search, sort, and print all of your items.
Can just anyone read my labels?
No. Only your phone is authorized to read your labels. If someone else scans your label, they will only see an empty list.
Can someone read my QR code with a standard QR Code Reader?
Duck Pack & Track QR codes are encrypted. What does this mean exactly? That these codes are meaningless without your physical phone.
I want to share my boxes list, can I do that?
Of course. Simply share your email address and Duck Pack & Track password with that person and you can both add and remove items and boxes from your boxes list.
Can multiple people share the same boxes list?
You can share your linked account email and password with as many people as you like, and they will all be able to add and remove items and boxes.
Why won’t just any QR code work with Duck Pack and Track?
Duck Pack & Track QR codes are specially designed for storing your inventory and has added security to ensure your boxes list is kept safe.
How do I delete a box from my account?
To delete a box from your "My Boxes" list, press and hold down on the box name. A pop up will appear at the bottom of the screen giving you the option to "Remove this box." Select that button and then the box will be removed.